Friday, July 2, 2010

A try of rebel.....

Sometimes in life we fail to love someone even if we try our best to do so. No this isn’t any admirer of mine. In fact it’s a “she”this time. A lady thrice of me in age ,and almost twice in figure, earning her living by giving lessons in the worst way possible on my “ex-favorite subject”.(In fact she was the villain in our love story….and we had to break up.)A rich husband, an obese child, a “khatara”santro, and the entire of pantaloons and Westside in her wardrobe being her only possessions. She has got a special affection for me, which persuades her to take some “extra care” of mine. Not a single day has passed when she hadn’t called out my name in those”45 minutes long torture sessions”.Well I would love to give you guys a piece of demo.

Last week (Thursday):

I was sitting in the last bench with a pen in my hand.The exercise copy was lying in front of me on the desk,my gaze being fixed on the black board. May be she got bored after spending a full 20 mins of her life on some stupid reactions invented by a man named cannizaro,(which all seemed no more than Greek to me )when she suddenly turned towards me for some personal amusement.
“Srijani…not in the class…..where is your mind….???”
I do admit that it wasn’t acetaldehyde, but something else that left me immersed in its thoughts at that point of time,but I wasn’t disturbing the class in any way.Infact I was enjoying the company of my “tanhai”.
"can you follow the reactions? What to tell to never study."
She frowned in the ultimate stupid manner,marking the end of her "golden words".I was glad,and sat down.
Well this continues for every tuesday,thursday and friday,of which tuesadys being the most pathetic as she has to be tolerated for 3 long periods.

MY REMEDY:I do bunk school every tuesday:-|