Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was out out for a friend's birthday party.
On returning, saw him sitting uncomfortably on one of the dining table chairs in our living room,with his head hung low....a tall, dark, lean fellow....dressed in a yuk yellow tee and a pair of dark blue jeans....loooking strangely unattractive.
He looked up to me for a fraction of a second, looked at dad at an instant and again lowered his head.
"Who the heck is looks awful....awful indeed" i screamed within.
i just smiled...and was close to a grin.

HE:but uncle i won't be able to continue till her boards....i will be completing my degree in a year...and will then have to leave the city for my job.

DAD:OK...don't worry about that.You can start teaching her from this month itself and we shall arrange for someone else before you leave.

Yeah....i had guessed it correctly....this fellow is gonna be my next tuition teacher.And yes...I was too damn angry and this marked the beginning of my hatred towards him.

He started teaching me from the next day itself.As days passed by,my hatred towards him became irresistible,and i started employing means so that he had to quit teaching me.I had almost tried all sorts of pranks on him.but naah....he wasn't the least irritated. In fact he seemed to enjoy them.He led me wondering that how can a person be so damn quiet and calm and patient in such intense conditions.He used to smoke a lot....and when that irritating smell of cigarettes occupied my study room even hours after he had left,I felt like killing him and shifting base to central jail.He loved physics, machines being his favorite.(quite naturally as he was a machine himself) Don't know why...i could never call him "sir".Instead i gifted him some weird names...and again he didn't mind at all.Even if I scored a zero in 4 or 5 consecutive tests conducted by him,he could only say"you are kind of grown up there's no point scolding you...but...but..."that's all he could say.

MARCH 2008:

MOM:You will be completing your degree in June...and will leave soon after that.We have decided to get her admitted to a coaching center ,now itself.Its close to our house and some of her friends' also attend the same classes.

HE:But aunty I am available till June.After that she can join those classes.

MOM:That wont be possible because after one will take her in.Its her boards next year.We can't take things so casually.

HE:But aunty i haven't got my posting yet.And actually she is used to my kind of teaching.may be she may not be able to adjust anywhere else.

He looked into my eyes....
(for the second time after that first day's meeting)
his eyes wanted to express something....
something which had always remained unsaid...

MOM:no no..she will be fine out there..we have already spoken to need not come from next day.

"yippeeee..he is gone... at last....thank god..."I jumped in my room.
"But he wasn't that bad....may be i' ll miss him." My inner self protested....
I myself was surprised.

(to be continued later.....)

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